The Purifiers are a religious faction with advanced military technology. The core tenet of the Purifier belief is that no mutated strain of humanity should be allowed to inhabit the galaxy.

The Purifiers were created from a faction of the Core World military that followed [[St. Orpheus]] from the Core Worlds in pursuit of the last remaining warlord, following the mutant uprising, some 900 years prior to the beginning of the setting.

Settling in a far corner of the galaxy, the Purifiers dedicated themselves to the purging of mutation from their ranks, and set about “cleansing” their cluster of worlds for the next few centuries.

As time wore on, the belief began to be spread among them that the Core Worlds would need to be cleansed of their mutant infestation, and the Great Purification began.

Using their advanced technology, the Purifiers bypassed the bulk of the Core World forces, opening Warp gates directly to the Sol system, and laying siege to Earth itself. Within a few weeks, Earth had been conquered, and the Purifiers began moving outward from Earth, bringing their philosophy of genetic purity with them.


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